Fashion Video Production


Matches Fashion is a London-based luxury fashion retailer. The company offers the work of more than 400 luxury brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Lanvin.

With the launch of a new Lanvin collection came a launch of a new video campaign promoting the new exclusive collection.


We produced a 60 second campaign video along with, creative director of Lanvin, Lucas Ossendrijver and director Paul McLean. The video featured male model Paul F from the Tomorrow is Another Day modelling agency against an urban backdrop of London to contrast the collection.


Each 'look' had it's own separate location and was intercut with the overall collection.


The video was published on Matches Fashion's "Matches Man" & Lanvin's official Instagram pages and reached a combined 66,000 views.

Each look had connecting links to the official website where they could be purchased and half of the collection was sold out within a week of the launch.

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