Travel Video Production


Gambia's leading tourism board "The Gambia Experience" commissioned us to produce a Tourism video to generate interest in travel to The Smiling Coast of Africa.

Although The Gambia is already a travel destination for most Brits, The Gambia Experience wanted to grow its presence and eliminate the stereotypes of Africa.


We travelled to The Gambia over a period of 3 weeks where we were taken on different tourist attractions that would best highlight a holiday to The Gambia.


Footage of the experience were mixed with a warm narration to tie the whole video together. 


The video was launched on The Gambia Experience's website where it was listed on its homepage.

Since it's release, the video has amassed a total 42,000 views and has increased bookings 3 fold. Upon booking, holiday makers were asked for referrals and a 76% stated the video as a selling point for the decision to book.

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