Spiro offers a range of Video Production Services. Based in Bournemouth and London, we work for clients across the UK and abroad.


We can oversee every aspect of your video production in-house, from video content strategy and concept generation, through to scripting, pre-production, shooting and all aspects of post-production.



If you’re keen to look at how you’re using video more broadly, or you’re considering a scope of work, then its essential to understand what your video content strategy is.


If you have an initial idea that needs developing, a marketing goal to be fulfilled or an audience that needs reaching, our team are here to help you smash your objectives. Find out more



Spiro is home to an award-winning team of 3 in-house creatives who can develop memorable concepts and innovative campaigns that cut through the noise.


Whether it’s an animation, a corporate video, a brand filma TVC or even an explainer video, the heart of every great piece of content is a good idea and a well crafted script. Our creative team have a diverse background – ranging from animation and traditional filmmaking, to big campaign thinkers.


Our production teams are the people who make it all come together. They take care of recces, casting, location management, call-sheets and project timelines. We can work together with you to make sure all productions are efficient in both time & budget. 



Our dedicated team of video producers, camera-operators and directors film a huge variety of content on-site, but can also operate on location across the UK and around the world too. We are geeky about kit and the latest ways to make your story look amazing.


Have a look at showreels to get a feel for what we shoot.


Although every member of our team can put together a video (even our business director!) we have a duo team of 2 editors working in rotation with a range of different skills.


Our editors love to tell stories. Combined with their strong technical wizardry, they weave their flair and creativity through beautiful visuals and into great film.

During busier periods, our network of freelance editors are always on call. Have a look at our portfolio of work to get a feel for the range of work we cut together.


Motion graphics, stop motion, infographics, animated recruitment films, kinetic typography, explainer video production, corporate animations – 2D animation come in many forms. Have a look at our animation showreel to get a feel for the kind of work we can create.


The power of sound and music to transform and elevate your video content is often underestimated. Sound design can draw attention to important moments, give life and energy to movement and add personality to animation. All our video productions are given a professional sound mix and if required an original composition or sourced production music from our vast libraries.


It’s at the final stages of post-production that our in-house editors grade your video – unifying all of the footage and giving it a unique look and feel. Grading creates a specific mood of the video – from vibrant punchy colours, to more muted and understated tones. This is an exciting process most of our clients like to sit in on!