Spiro is a Branded Content Production Company, based in London and Bournemouth, with clients across the UK specialising in both branded content strategy and full service production for clients all over the world. We create engaging branded content that audiences actively seek out


Spiro's in-house video production services allow us to create content across the board - whether it be corporate video, product video, branded content, and TVC.


Based in London and Bournemouth, Spiro create B2B communications, commercials and corporate videos for a range of global clients as well as charities. We take the time to understand your objectives, so we can and help you tell your story in the most an engaging and compelling way possible, whilst staying true to your core principles and identity. As well as production, we can help you get the most value from your video – by developing a detailed strategy and properly activating the content so it and reaches your target audience in the most impactful way possible.

​If you have an initial brief that needs developing, a marketing goal to be fulfilled or an audience that needs reaching, our team are here to help you smash your objectives with what we call the M.I.T. approach:


Used well, video can be a very powerful, versatile and efficient medium for communicating key messages, generating awareness and reinforcing culture.

Video continues to grow in terms of volumes of content and consumption. However, this growth has led to an increased level of “noise” that we must cut through, and also higher expectations of the value our content must provide our audiences.


Spiro is home to an award-winning team of writers, directors and filmmakers who can develop memorable concepts and innovative campaigns that cut through the noise.


We work alongside you to create a strategy which works best for your business or brand and helps to connect with you audience in the most powerful way.


Our editors love to tell stories. Combined with their strong technical wizardry, they weave their flair and creativity through beautiful visuals and into great film.

Whether motion graphics are part of your film or the star of it our in-house team carefully brings your brand to life to engage your audience.





Our aim is to appeal to the passions and needs of audiences through compelling stories. We make sure we’re delivering all of the key narrative ingredients that turn branded content into engaging and sharable stories. Here are our top 3 tips when approaching storytelling in Branded Content …

Tip 1 – 

What is the quest? Stories only really begin when the audience understands the goal. When someone wants something to happen something will have to change. Establishing a clear the goal means audiences can get onboard and go on a journey with you.

Tip 2 –

Don’t skip the conflict! Understandably brands can be cautious about dwelling on ‘the dark side’. As highlighted in ‘Viral Video – The Science of Sharing’ – some of the most popular branded content takes the form of Personal Triumph Stories – people overcoming adversaries and obstacles, often against the odds, to achieve their goal. Don’t make everything too easy and your audience is more likely to engage and stay the course to the end.

Tip 3 –

As a product or brand what is your role in the story? Of course it would be great to assume that you are the Hero. But actually that’s not your role. Brands and products should play the helper, the enabler, the Obi Wan (your product could even be the light saber!).

Another important question to ask is… do we have permission to tell this story? If the story doesn’t directly involve your product or service then how is this story relevant to your brand? It could be that your story expresses and reflects one of your core brand values. Be sure that your story is building on your brand – not confusing it!

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