Corporate Video Production


AstraZeneca plc is an Anglo–Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company which focuses on developing new medicines that make a meaningful difference to patients' lives.

Following the progress of a new DDR treatment, we were commissioned to produce a corporate video analysing the subject & introducing experts working on the project.


We produced a case study corporate video featuring experts specifically working on the product discussing not only the background but the future of AstraZeneca's plans to become leaders in the field.

The aim of the film was to connect with AstraZeneca's key stakeholders moving forward and further investment into the project.


The video was circulated internally to all AstraZeneca key stakeholders over a period of 2 weeks through to the end of the final funding round.

With a great reception, AstraZeneca's goal of gaining investment for further research and development was indeed reached.

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